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Marcello Musto, President’s Emerging Research Leadership (PERLA) Award 2019

Marcello Musto, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, was selected for this award as a reflection of his scholarly publications. He is acknowledged globally as one of the key authors who has made very significant contributions to the revival of Marx studies. In particular, he has reconstructed the stages of Marx’s critique of capitalism in light of the new historical-critical edition of his writings. Musto has an impressive publication record, authoring four and editing seven books, in addition to many articles and book chapters, since he moved into the tenure stream four years ago. His works have been published worldwide in more than 20 languages. Musto has also transformed the world of contemporary scholarship on Marx and Marxism by organizing several major events (in seven countries) that brought together more than 300 international scholars. In particular, the “Marx’s Capital after 150 Years: Critique and Alternative to Capitalism” conference, held at York, advanced the University’s international reputation for research excellence. Musto has nurtured the careers of many York and international graduate students by improving their research skills, supporting the construction of their professional networks, encouraging submission of peer-reviewed publications, and promoting participation at academic conferences.