The Marx Revival: Key Concepts and New InterpretationsCambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020 (xxii + 409 pages).

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The planet is in deep trouble because of capitalism, and Karl Marx, freed from the chains of “real socialism”, is being rediscovered all around the world as the thinker who provided us with its most insightful critique.


The Marx Revival is the best, most complete and most modern guide to Marx’s ideas that has appeared since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Written by highly reputed international experts, in a clear form accessible to a wider public, it brings together the liveliest and most thought-provoking contemporary interpretations of Marx’s work. It presents what he actually wrote in respect of 22 key concepts, the areas that require updating as a result of changes since the late-nineteenth century, and the reasons why it is still of such relevance in today’s world. The result is a collection that will prove indispensable both for specialists and for a new generation approaching Marx’s work for the first time.



"It is no surprise that in times like these we see a major revival of interest in Marx. But which Marx will be revived? The essays collected here portray a thinker far removed from old-school orthodoxies. Complicating received understandings of labor, class struggle, and revolution, they reveal a restless intellect grappling with migration and ecological destruction; democracy, nationalism and war; faultiness of gender, ethnicity and race. The result is a revelation: a Marx for our times."

Nancy Fraser, The New School

"The Marx Revival is a book brimming with new insights and perspectives on a great, complex intellectual oeuvre, only now beginning to be published in full. This is Marx for the 21st Century."

Göran Therborn, University of Cambridge

"The Marx Revival will be the place to start for readers seeking sweeping, comprehensive, and professional summaries of the state of play in Marx scholarship. This highly-recommended collection offers a first-rate analysis of the leading problems, themes, and concepts in the field by leading scholars from many disciplines."

Gregory Claeys, University of London



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