Marx, Engels and Marxism

Palgrave Macmillan


Series Editors:

Marcello Musto (York University, Canada)

Terrell Carver (University of Bristol, UK)

Assistant Editor:

Babak Amini (London School of Economics, UK)

The Marx Revival

The Marx renaissance is underway on a global scale. Whether the puzzle is the economic boom in China or the economic bust in ‘the West’, there is no doubt that Marx appears regularly in the media nowadays as a guru, and not a threat, as he used to be. The literature dealing with Marxism, which all but dried up twenty-five years ago, is reviving in the global context. Academic and popular journals and even newspapers and on-line journalism are increasingly open to contributions on Marxism, just as there are now many international conferences, university courses and seminars on related themes. In all parts of the world, leading daily and weekly papers are featuring the contemporary relevance of Marx's thought. From Latin America to Europe, and wherever the critique to capitalism is remerging, there is an intellectual and political demand for a new critical encounter with Marxism.

Types of Publications

This series bring together reflections on Marx, Engels and Marxisms from perspectives that are varied in terms of political outlook, geographical base, academic methodologies and subject-matter, thus challenging many preconceptions as to what ‘Marxist’ thought can be like, as opposed to what it has been. The series will appeal internationally to intellectual communities that are increasingly interested in rediscovering the most powerful critical analysis of capitalism: Marxism. The series editors will ensure that authors and editors in the series are producing overall an eclectic and stimulating yet synoptic and informative vision that will draw a very wide and diverse audience. This series will embrace a much wider range of scholarly interests and academic approaches than any previous ‘family’ of books in the area.

This innovative series will present monographs, edited volumes and critical editions, including translations, to Anglophone readers. The books in this series will work through three main categories:

Studies on Marx and Engels

The series will include titles focusing on the oeuvre of Marx and Engels which utilize the scholarly achievements of the on-going Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe, a project that has strongly revivified the research on these two authors in the past decade.

Critical Studies on Marxisms

Volumes will awaken readers to the overarching issues and world-changing encounters that shelter within the broad categorisation ‘Marxist’. Particular attention will be given to authors such as Gramsci and Benjamin, who are very popular and widely translated nowadays all over the world, but also to authors who are less known in the English-speaking countries, such as Mariátegui.

Reception Studies and Marxist National Traditions

Political projects have necessarily required oversimplifications in the 20 th century, and Marx and Engels have found themselves ‘made over’ numerous times and in quite contradictory ways. Taking a national perspective on ‘reception’ will be a global revelation and the volumes of this series will enable the worldwide Anglophone community to understand the variety of intellectual and political traditions through which Marx and Engels have been received in local contexts.

Aims of the Series

The volumes of this series will challenge all the ‘Marxist’ intellectual traditions to date by making use of scholarly discoveries of the Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe since the 1990s, taking on board interdisciplinary and other new critical perspectives, and incorporating ‘reception studies’. Authors and editors in the series will resist oversimplification of ideas and reinscription of traditions. Moreover their very diversity in terms of language, local context, political engagement and scholarly practice will mark the series out from any other in the field.

This series will involve scholars from different fields and cultural backgrounds, and the series editors will ensure tolerance for differences within and between provocative monographs and edited volumes. Running contrary to 20th century practices of simplification, the books in this innovative series will revitalize Marxist intellectual traditions.

Titles Published:

1. Terrell Carver - Daniel Blank, A Political History of the Editions of Marx and Engels's "German Ideology Manuscripts" , 2014.

2. Terrell Carver - Daniel Blank (Eds.), Marx and Engels's "German Ideology" Manuscripts, 2014.

3. Alfonso Maurizio Iacono, The History and Theory of Fetishism, 2015.

4. Paresh Chattopadhyay, Marx's Associated Mode of Production, 2016.

5. Domenico Losurdo, Class Struggle: A Political and Philosophical History, 2016.

6. Frederick Harry Pitts, Critiquing Capitalism Today: New Ways to Read Marx, 2017.

7. Ranabir Samaddar, Karl Marx and the Postcolonial Age, 2017.

8. Jean-Numa Ducange and Razmig Keucheyan (Eds.), The End of the Democratic State. Nicos Poulantzas, a Marxism for the 21 st Century, 2018.

9. George Comninel, Alienation and Emancipation in the Work of Karl Marx, 2018.

10. Xavier LaFrance and Charles Post (Eds.), Case Studies in the Origins of Capitalism, 2018.

11. Robert Ware, Marx on Emancipation and the Socialist Transition, 2018.

12. John Gregson, Marxism, Ethics, and Politics: The Work of Alasdair MacIntyre, 2019.

13. Luis Felipe Miguel and Vladimir Puzone (Eds.), The Brazilian Left in the 21st Century: Conflict and Conciliation in Peripheral Capitalism, 2019.

Titles Forthcoming:

14. James Muldoon and Gaard Kets’ (Eds.), The German Revolution and Political Theory, 2019 [forthcoming].

15. Gustavo Moura de Cavalcanti Mello and Mauricio de Souza Sabadini (Eds.), Financial Speculation and Fictitious Profits: A Marxist Analysis 2019 [forthcoming].

16. Michael Brie, Lenin – Dialectics of Revolution and Metaphysics of Domination. 2019 [forthcoming].

17. Spencer Leonard, Marx, the India Question, and the Crisis of Cosmopolitanism, 2020 [forthcoming].

18. Michael Lowy, The Steel Cage: Max Weber and Weberian Marxism [forthcoming].

19. Kaan Kangal, Friedrich Engels and the Dialectics of Nature, 2020 [forthcoming].

20. Jaun Pablo Rodriguez, Resisting Neoliberal Capitalism in Chile: The Possibility of Social Critique, 2020 [forthcoming].

21. Victor Wallis, Socialist Practice: Histories and Theories, 2020 [forthcoming].

Under Review:

Jean-Numa Ducange, Jules Guesde: The Birth of Socialism and Marxism in France.

Rémy Herrera, Marxism and Transition from Capitalism.

Igor Shoikhedbrod, Justice, Legality and Rights: Revisiting Marx’s Critique of Liberalism.

Marcello Musté, Marxism and Philosophy of Praxis. An Italian perspective from Labriola to Gramsci.

Ryuji Sasaki, The Real Karl Marx: New Materialism, Critique of Political Economy, and the Thought of Metabolism.

Gianluca Fiocco, Palmiro Togliatti, the Realism of Politics: A Biography.

Angel Oliva, Antonio Oliva and Ivan Novara (Eds.), The Real Abstraction in Marx.

Shaibal Gupta, Marcello Musto, Babak Amini (Eds.), Karl Marx – Life, Ideas, Influence: A Critical Examination on the Bicentenary.

Vesa Oittinen, Marxism, Russia, Philosophy.

Giuseppe Vacca, Antonio Gramsci: Alternative Modernities.

Mauro Buccheri, A New Humanism for the Left: The Quest for Meaning in Late Capitalism.

Seongjin Jeong, Korean Capitalism: A Marxist Analysis.

Kolja Lindner, On Marxism and Eurocentrism

Mohsen Hakimi, Transformation of Marx's Communism: From Anticapitalism to State Capitalism.

Roberto Massari, Lenin and the Russian Anti-Revolution.

Pradip Baski, Karl Marx and the Natural Sciences.

Xabier Arrizabalo Montoro, Capitalism and World Economy.

Raquel Varela, History of Communist Party in the Carnation Revolution.

Francesca Antonini, Marx’s Eighteenth Brumaire Redux.

Teinosuke Otani, Marx's Theory of Association: The Coming Society is Visible in Capitalism.

Geetha V, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and Socialism.

Zhang Yibing, Main Currents of Western Marxism.

Zhang Yibing, Main Currents of Post-Marxism.